Part gypsy, part athlete, part loyal collaborator; Nikki is a true adventurer at heart. She currently resides in Brooklyn, after spending a handful of years designing in Chicago, and then Los Angeles.

Her sharp eye, rabbit-hole approach to research, and love for things handmade, result in fresh, specific, effortless (appearing) and thoughtful design. She is interested in all things that transport her to another place, world, or new community, that can teach her more about how individuals relate with one another. She is eager to take the next risk, dive into something unknown, and re-tackle great classics that other artists have tackled before her. Her spirit is infectious.

Ultimately, she hopes to create a full, colliding life of cultures, deep connections, and color while simultaneously remaining as grounded and open as possible when standing in line at Macy’s doing returns.

Her work has been showcased at the Praque Quaddrenial. She is the recipient of the Donald and Zorka Oenslager award for Stage Design, the Elizabeth Schrader Award, and was nominated for a Joseph Jefferson Equity award (2008) and a Garland award (2010). Nikki taught costume and scenic design as a Visiting Professor of Design at Amherst College.

MFA Yale University 
BFA Carnegie Mellon University (costume/scenic design)
*Member of United Scenic Artists 829

Upcoming Projects!
Antigone by Brecht: Amherst College Theatre, Amherst, MA, director Ron Bashford, October 2016
Sleeping Beauty, A Musical Panto: People's Light Theatre, Philadelphia, PA, directors Pete Pryor and Samantha Reading, November 2016
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Amy Wagner / Ron Gwiazda
Abrams Artists Agency
275 Seventh Ave. 26th Floor
New York, NY  10001
Ph: 646-486-4600
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